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Passed on, pass it on. <3 Brook

Dear Friends,

WAIF-FM (88.3) community radio is in trouble and needs the help of the Cincinnati community to keep it alive and viable into the future. A group of concerned members and citizens have come together to help make this possibility a reality -- but we need your help.

With the impending Tuesday, Aug. 1 deadline to get new members that can vote at the upcoming Sept. 17 annual WAIF membership meeting, time is of the essence.

In May, a CityBeat article (http://www.citybeat.com/2006-05-03/cover.shtml)
outlined much of what is going on at WAIF. Though the article was a more or less technical look at the legal ramifications of decisions made at the station, it was apparently just a peek into what else might be happening. In this week's issue, CityBeat reports (http://www.citybeat.com/current/porkopolis.shtml - scroll down to item #2, "WAIF's Latest Crisis") that the City of Cincinnati is now suing the station. Other issues with the Federal Communications Commission have also been raised.

The plan
put forth to help the station is pretty simple.
**Create a truly inclusive WAIF-FM community that represents and mirrors the residents of the City of Cincinnati.
**Work to create and institute processes that will insure open, fair and ethical dialogue and participation that is open to everyone.
**Implement professional and sound management and financial accountability.

You can download an application to join WAIF here:

I will also have applications with
me all weekend and Monday, but printing off the application is the best way.

But everything must be turned in to me, preferably, or the station, located at 1434 E. McMillan, East Walnut Hills, on or before this Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2006.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reply to this e-mail or call me at (513) 315-9979. Please pass this along to your contact lists.

Thank you for your help. I would also like to thank List Rocket for the generous donation of the use of their
excellent e-mail service while we work to save WAIF. Another fine example of the community coming together.

Best regards,

Joe Wessels
Freelance Journalist and Photographer

Society of Professional Journalists - Regional Director

(513) 621-NEWS home
(513) 315-9979 mobile
(513) 621-1545 fax
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