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About An invitation from the Dandelion Health Collective.

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Sunday, August 13
12:00 - 2:00pm

The Dandelion Health Collective presents...

The first in a series of workshops...

You never learned this in your high school health class!!!

Body and Fertility Awareness
Anatomy 101- A New View
Our Cycles- understanding the physiology, getting to know signs of fertility
Learn how to do your own cervical exam

A great way to learn about your body from a trans-positive, queer-positive, feminist and holistic perspective. All ages are welcome!

We will be holding the workshop in Northside at Off the Avenue Studios, 1546 Knowlton Ave, 45223.

To register or for directions please call 513.254.6554.

A donation of $5-$10 is encouraged. No one will be turned away!

We are a grassroots organization that works to put health back into the hands of people and to reclaim our bodies and communities from the corporate medical system. We provide resources for groups that work within the framework of the collective, serve as a hub for new ideas, projects and campaigns, and work to create community around health issues.

Leaders of the workshops are not professionals. We are people who have done our own research and have had experiences that we want to share with others to promote self-knowledge and create healthy communities. Everyone has something valuable to bring to the workshops and we encourage the sharing of information, experiences and ideas.
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