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Uprise Tour is coming to the Natti this Wednesday! - radical . natti

About Uprise Tour is coming to the Natti this Wednesday!

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This Wednesday, October 18th!

The Uprise Counter Recruitment Tour is a tour of mid-west and mid-Atlantic states aimed at advancing regional counter-recruitment efforts and linking the issues of war and military recruitment to corporate globalization and environmental sustainability. The Tour consists of a dozen activists traveling via a bio-diesel bus to cities both large and small. At each stop, members of the Tour will organize and participate in workshops, trainings, public forums, direct education and outreach, all-out street protests, as well as concerts and other creative performances.

The Cincinnati stop includes three parts:

1:30 PM Afternoon outreach action at local high schools. Meet at Piatt Park (Garfield Place/8th St. and Elm - near the Harrison Equestrian statue.) High school students are encouraged to join in at your local high school!

7:00 PM evening workshops and speakers. This will be held at Off the Avenue Studios in Northside (1546 Knowlton Ave, 45223).

9:00 PM folk concert, also at Off the Avenue Studios. Enjoy performances by Ryan Harvey of the Riot Folk Collective, local political folk singer Kelly Carr, conscious hip-hop group Da Muttss, and Liz Bowater, a local musician with a beautiful voice and message.

Please stop by the tour website for more detailed information:

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