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radical . natti

community for radicals in cincinnati

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This is community for those who live in (or are from, or feel a strong connection to) Cincinnati and know our many problems need to be tackled at the root.

Resources for you:

Queen City Bike Co-Op is excellent for cycling resources. Critical Mass is the last Friday of every month at 5:30 PM, meets at fountain square.

Industrial Workers of the World houses its general headquarters in our fair city.

The Books For Prisoners Crew puts together book packages for prisoners.

Findlay Market is great for supporting a local economy and finding organic produce.

Also check out resources for other ways of aquiring food and other goodies without using money.

Cincinnati Global, a conference, also a website with a great globalization guide.

Veg Ohio, a guide to vegan and vegetarian eating in Ohio, including Cincinnati, published by Mercy For Animals.

The Independent Eye and CityBeat, our more independent media outlets.

We also have other good organizations without a web presence:
Food Not Bombs- for the fair distribution of food.
Dandelion Health Collective- for DIY health care workshops and information.
Cincy Boyz and Crossport- for transgender and genderqueer people.
Citizens to Restore Fairness is unfortunately battling the repeal of the recently added anti-discrimination article in the city charter. Contact them at 513-591-3247 for more information.

What else? Post anything that might be missing to the community. Feel free to join.